Fabric Mosaic Art

ECVA’S, The Jesus Movement;  Loving, Liberating, Life-giving 2018

Lux Mundi exhibited in Episcopal Church USA, national juried art show,
ECVA’s first exhibition of 2018, The Jesus Movement;  Loving, Liberating, Life-giving presents a curated selection of artworks that convey the theme of the 2018 General Convention of the Episcopal Church, meeting July 5-13 in Austin, TX.                Frank and Victoria Logue, Curators

Kerri Jones

Lux Mundi

Artist Statement: As “Light of the World”, this piece is symbolic of the triune God. Central in the image is Jesus the Son, Christ the King, from who all blessings flow, raising his hand in priestly benediction; behind the Son are rings of the eternal, immortal, invisible God the Father; emanating from the Father burn flames of unquenchable fire of the Holy Spirit.

Bio: Kerri Jones, a fabric mosaicist, is a native of the Pacific Northwest. Her interest in mosaic art began while visiting historic sites in Greece and Turkey, which later resulted in a creative collaboration of her interests in fabrics, apparel design and construction, historic costume, liturgical vestments and fine art.

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