Fabric Mosaic Art


ECVA’S, The Jesus Movement;  Loving, Liberating, Life-giving 2018

Lux Mundi exhibited in Episcopal Church USA, national juried art show,
ECVA’s first exhibition of 2018, The Jesus Movement;  Loving, Liberating, Life-giving presents a curated selection of artworks that convey the theme of the 2018 General Convention of the Episcopal Church, meeting July 5-13 in Austin, TX.                Frank and Victoria Logue, Curators

Kerri Jones

Lux Mundi

Artist Statement: As “Light of the World”, this piece is symbolic of the triune God. Central in the image is Jesus the Son, Christ the King, from who all blessings flow, raising his hand in priestly benediction; behind the Son are rings of the eternal, immortal, invisible God the Father; emanating from the Father burn flames of unquenchable fire of the Holy Spirit.

Bio: Kerri Jones, a fabric mosaicist, is a native of the Pacific Northwest. Her interest in mosaic art began while visiting historic sites in Greece and Turkey, which later resulted in a creative collaboration of her interests in fabrics, apparel design and construction, historic costume, liturgical vestments and fine art.

ECVA’s “Holy Women, Holy Men”

National Recognition of Fabric Mosaic Sacred Art

Holy Women, Holy Men

Hildegard of Bingen exhibited in Episcopal Church USA, national juried art show, March 25, 2013.
ECVA’s Eastertide exhibit, Holy Women, Holy Men is a ‘representation through the visual arts of mystics,  radicals and revolutionaries who serve as bridges to the One who is the light.’                Bro. Karekin M. Yarian, BSG, Curator

Hildegard of Bingen, Holy Women, Holy Men ECVA Exhibit

Hildegard of Bingen

Fabric Mosaic

Medieval visionary, theologian, musician,  dramatist,

 poet, Benedictine abbess, saint and  Doctor of the Church.


Her colorful stained glass-like aura represents her many and varied talents.

Hildegard of Bingen with border

Full size with border 28” x 24 3/4”

Work highlighted in recent Catholic Sentinel article

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Empress Theodora youtube video

Empress Theodora

fabric mosaic


After considerable thought I finally settled on a design to provide a finished border for my fabric mosaic of Theodora.  It seemed fitting that Theodora, a symbol of the power and glory of western civilization , should be framed within the softly scalloped edges of eastern arches.  This is meant to point to the exotic and complex blend of western and eastern influences which shaped the Byzantine Empire.

For a close-up view of the work, you can view Theodora on RemnantWorksYoutube.

Lady Jacqueline – Fabric Mosaic

Lady Jacqueline – Fabric Mosaic

Inspired by Portrait of Margareta Van Eyck 

A high plucked forehead, plucked eyebrows and

draped side horns present oddities of medieval fashions.

From the Confessional

If she has plucked hair from her neck,

or brows or beard for lavisciousness or to please men…

This is a mortal sin unless

she does so to remedy severe disfigurement

or so as not to be looked down on by her husband.

Click for detail of fabric mosaic construction

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Our Lady of Gitmo – Fabric Mosaic

Our Lady of Gitmo (Guantanamo Bay)

Our Lady of Gitmo, patroness of hope for the victims of torture.

Her holy light penetrates even the darkest prison cells and torture pits.

As seen in Raw Vision, Winter 2009/2010

Youtube art video

Full size with border
28” x 30”

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Saint Catherine of Alexandria – Fabric Mosaic

Saint Catherine of Alexandria – Fabric Mosaic

St. Catherine of Alexandria, a 4th century Christian saint

wears the crown of a martyr and bears the halo of a saint.

Click for detail of fabric mosaic construction

Full size with border   26 1/2” x 28 1/2″

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